[INFOGRAPHIC] DIRECT from the manufacturer or through a DISTRIBUTOR?

direct distributor infographic

The Results Are In! The Winner is ALMO Pro A/V

Last month, Barco sponsored one of the best monthly rAVe Surveys we’ve ever done. It was all about distributors — who’s good, who’s not and what dealer salespeople say.
And, the results tell the story. Although nearly 73 percent of AV dealers and integrators prefer to buy directly from manufacturers, 93 percent do buy from distributors regularly.
But, the interesting thing we did find is who’s the favorite. In addition to being voted the most used distribution company, Almo Pro A/V was also the favorite. Synnex, Ingram Micro and Stampede aren’t far behind, but the rest of them are way, way behind. Anyone out there good at marketing? Call these other distributors and let them know as their favored status was 7 percent and lower!