InFocus Announces Mondopad 2.0

mondopad2-0615InFocus has released Mondopad 2.0. The new Mondopad is an all-in-one, video conferencing touchscreen collaboration device for the conference room, classroom, distance education center and multi-point office. In addition, Mondopad 2.0 offers new features that make sharing, annotating, archiving and overall collaboration easier, particularly between multiple locations.

The InFocus Mondopad is available in 57-inch, 70-inch or 80-inch models. All offer a 1080p resolution LCD with multi-point touch with an integrated on-board PC with open standard technology compatible with Microsoft Office and Intel. Mondopad 2.0 offers on-board storage and has a built-in collaboration software suite.

Like the original Mondopad, Mondopad 2.0 is a SIP/H.323 video calling endpoint that uniquely integrates data presentations, whiteboarding, remote PC viewing, video, casting from tablets or smartphones, and puts interactive data into a video call like never before. With Dual Stream technology, Mondopad users can not only share and view data but can also see video meeting participants, never losing the benefits of face-to-face communication, such as non-verbal cues and body language.

Mondopad includes one year of InFocus 121-Basic video calling service, which supports two-way calling with SIP, H.323, H.239 and Microsoft Lync systems. InFocus 121-Premium enables four-way calling. When paired with an InFocus ConX Video Meeting solution, users can combine any combination up to 25 different callers using SIP, H.323. Lync, a Web browser and even standard (PSTN) phone lines.

Also new to the InFocus Mondopad 2.0 is its ability to pair with a second touchscreen, such as the JTouch, InFocus’ large-format touch-enabled digital display, to create an even larger interactive area for file annotation and whiteboarding. With it people can run dual applications, such as a video conferencing and PowerPoint files simultaneously on separate screens. When using dual touch displays, multi-tasking is easy — users simply swap content from one touchscreen to the other.

For wireless presentation and connectivity, InFocus also equipped Mondopad 2.0 with its LightCast technology, to wirelessly cast content from a notebook, smartphone or tablet directly to the Mondopad display and control Windows devices via touch. Microsoft Windows applications run on Mondopad 2.0 in responsive touch mode including Microsoft Office suite, which comes standard.

In addition to the video conferencing, dual screen and bring your own device (BYOD) enhancements, Mondopad 2.0’s new features include:

  • One touch Dropbox cloud-based file storage
  • Multiple camera support, including InFocus’ recommended PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera
  • Continuous multi-directional whiteboard canvas
  • Floating whiteboard toolbar
  • Whiteboard auto shapes function
  • Enhanced video conferencing services
  • Updated modern user interface
  • Extended audio with optional InFocus Thunder tabletop speakers

Mondopad 2.0 is available for purchase now through InFocus authorized resellers. Mondopad list prices are:

  • 57” diagonal – $5,799
  • 70” diagonal – $9,799
  • 80” diagonal – $16,999

Customers who purchased Mondopad within the past year can upgrade to Mondopad 2.0 free of charge. Here is where you can learn all about Mondopad 2.0.