InFocus Buys Avistar

avistar-infocus-0216InFocus today announced the acquisition of Avistar  a videoconferencing software provider specializing in technology that enables seamless video calling from mobile devices, video phones, tablets, desktops, touchscreen solutions and large-format video walls. This acquisition, following the recently announced acquisition of Jupiter Systems, adds U.S. to the InFocus product line and makes them a full-service end-to-end provider as they make every part of the system, now (sans the cameras).

This acquisition enables InFocus to offer video conferencing at prices that are affordable for all budgets, whether it’s connecting to a distant classroom or campus, or connecting an entire global infrastructure. Affordable video conferencing from InFocus is driving the ubiquitous use and democratization of advanced technology by making solutions accessible for all sizes of businesses, schools and facilities.

Avistar software technology is already deployed in the Mondopad video conferencing system as well as the various calling services, such as ConX, InFocus provides.

With the purchase, InFocus has acquired all assets and says it will keep all 24 software engineers to continue innovating and improving the video conferencing intellectual property.

Infocus is here and Aviator is here.