InFocus Begins Company Re-Engineering Process with New IN3108 Projector

infocusproj 0509

Calling it their “flagship meeting room projector’” InFocus last week announced their new IN3108 WXGA (1280×800) projector and outfitted it with a DisplayLink port.  InFocus says that by using the DisplayLink feature, both Windows and Mac-based presenters can enjoy “plug and project” convenience by simply connecting a standard USB 2.0 cable to the projector. The InFocus DisplayLink Windows/Mac driver is detected by the computer and will configure with the DisplayLink-enabled InFocus projector settings within seconds — resulting in reduced set-up time and toggling so users can start projecting instantly.   If you want to read more about DisplayLink (and I recommend you do), then go here.

Although this is a cool feature on almost any projector, adding it to a projector aimed at the install market seems weird – since most meeting rooms are already equipped with VGA or RGBHV cabling.  But this is definitely a forward-looking design as far as connectivity goes.  So, it can’t hurt as the projector has all the old-style ports and the new DisplayLink too!