InfoComm’s Next Networking Course to Be in September

StressedTech-330Whether your background is AV or IT, communicating can be a challenge when it comes to AV devices on the network. InfoComm University is offering a special training program, Sept. 10-12, that could help you save time, money and stress by learning networking technology from an AV perspective with two specialized courses.

Networked AV Systems is a three-day course where you’ll explore:

  • Using network diagnostic tools and performing basic network troubleshooting
  • Identifying your customer’s security concerns for the AV system
  • Understanding the capabilities and limitations of remote monitoring and management

As a bonus, this offering comes with Networking Technology Online. And after completing both courses, you’ll have a common understanding and vocabulary of networking technology and have the tools to communicate and maintain the network with your team.

Here are the details.