The InfoComm 2016 Top-10 Tour Stops Are Announced

Top10-Selections-0516For the past five years, we have published the InfoComm Top-10 Tour Guide: the 10 places that we think are MUST-SEEs at each InfoComm show.

How did we compile it?

Well, each year, we put out all call to EVERY AV manufacturer in the market to tell us what they plan to launch at InfoComm — ONLY new products. In our first year, we had 27 submissions. This year, we had over 75.

But, we narrowed it down to 10 places (and products) we think you NEED to go see.

I can’t tell you what they are as seven of the 10 are embargoed until June 8th (the first day of the show — and we will publish the entire Top-10 Tour Guide on Wednesday June 8th here on our InfoComm microsite). But, we can go head and tell you who the companies are (and their booth numbers) so that you can go ahead and schedule your InfoComm tour to MAKE SURE you stop by their booths!

One, one CLEAR DISCLAIMER: Our Top-10 Tour Guide is NOT an advertising piece NOR is it a “pay-for-play.” We don’t do those. Over 75 manufacturers gave us pre-release information on their InfoComm 2016 launches and we picked the top 10 products we thought you NEEDED to see at this year’s show. No one paid us (or anyone else) to be in this tour guide!

Here are the tour stops (booths) you can’t miss at InfoComm 2016: