InfoComm Takes Aim at DSE with New Digital Signage Educational Series

AVIXA will bring a comprehensive digital signage education program to InfoComm 2019, June 12-14 in Orlando, Fla. The program features five sessions that explore entering new markets with digital signage, taking a close look at transportation and smart cities. The sessions also examine digital signage content strategies and the best approach to analytics.

“Digital signage is a very healthy market for AV firms to put energy behind,” said Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, AVIXA. “The solution segment is forecast to reach $34 billion in revenue for 2019 and grow to $45 billion by 2024 globally. Digital signage’s ability to disseminate timely and accurate information to enhance the customer experience is gaining traction in high-growth markets such as restaurants, banking, retail, healthcare, and hospitality facilities.”

To develop the digital signage education program for InfoComm 2019, AVIXA collaborated with Invidis Consulting, which focuses on consulting, research, events and communications for digital signage and retail technology. Invidis Consulting is also founder and co-owner of the Digital Signage Summit, a conference series jointly organized with Integrated Systems Events (producer of Integrated Systems Europe). The InfoComm 2019 program will be presented by Florian Rotberg, managing director of Invidis.

“Digital signage is much more than technology — it’s the orchestration of concepts, content, and context,” said Rotberg. “The sessions will enable AV integrators to improve their skills to analyze customer needs and pain points within different markets to provide valuable solutions.”

The session “Entering New Markets With Digital Signage” will highlight successful approaches to bringing digital signage to industries such as fashion, automotive dealerships, quick-service restaurants, and others. Attendees will learn about the dominant trends and business drivers in different markets and the commercial potential for their firms.

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In addition, the session “Digital Signage in Transportation and Wayfinding” will present pro-AV case studies in transportation; explain the value of digital signage to transport authorities, carriers, and consumers; and focus on finding the right solutions and back-end systems. The session will also explore concepts for multi-language content and the challenges with mixing flight information displays and advertising.

Attendees will learn best practices for smart-city applications around the world – from Link NYC to Google Sidewalk Labs in Toronto – in the session “The Role of Digital Signage in Smart Cities.” The program will cover the importance of digital signage in smart cities; the role of sensors, data, and data visualization; the business function of DooH and advertising; and getting started on a smart-city project.

The session “Digital Signage Content Concepts and Strategies” will focus on creating the most effective, platform-agnostic, dynamic data-driven content. Attendees will learn best practices from corporate, DooH, retail, and transportation.

Finally, InfoComm 2019 will feature the session “Making Sense of Digital Signage: The Best Approach to Analytics,” which will provide a dive deep into how to measure the effects and ROI of digital signage. The presentation will explore how to design, collect, and evaluate successful analytics and why datapoints are just the beginning.

See the full list of digital signage sessions at InfoComm 2019.

InfoComm 2019 will be held June 8-14 (exhibits June 12-14) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Learn more here.