Attending InfoComm Remotely, Part 2

infocomminternational-0613Have you tried those eggs benedict from the B-Line Diner over at the Peabody yet? If not, you need to — it is my best advice of this InfoComm.

Here are a few more things to check out before you leave the show floor for good.  Or, if you have already left, check it out virtually with the links provided.

Kramer Electronics

Kramer introduced a series of new HDBaseT products at InfoComm. Some are very useful, small form factor devices.  My major issue with the recent increase in HDBaseT product, and video over category wire, products, is that manufacturers always sneak in that for maximum performance, you should use shielded wire. As soon as they say that, then the product becomes less useful. After all, the reason we want video over Category wire is because UTP is so common. Shielded twisted pair is NOT!  With that said, Kramer and other manufacturers do tell you that their products will still work over regular UTP. In the video linked below, stay till the very end. A wireless HDMI dongle that plugs into a device is shown. I think this is very promising.

Mersive Solstice

Mersive showed a product called Solstice. I feel as though this product offers a lot more than can be shown in these short clips. In short, they promise true wireless collaboration to a display. They include the ability for multiple people to display something on the screen at one time. All the while, keeping the ability for a instructor to enter “podium” mode and take control. Check these out!


Espon displayed a demo of an interactive projector. Their demo included a video projected onto the floor, that reacted when people walked on it. Pretty cool, and useful in that scenario for perhaps a dance course? I imagine that it would also be useful if connected with a display device built for touch, say iPad or Windows 8.

Although I find the technology I pointed out to be very interesting and useful, I pointed these products out as much for the themes they represent. In education right now, wireless collaboration is very big. If any of the products I wrote about in this blog, or yesterday’s blog pan out to be very easy to use, and affordable, we will see this technology finally explode. My friend Matt Silverman has been touting HDBaseT for years. Finally, this year it seems that a lot of companies are fully embracing the technology. Many of those companies add their own little flavors to the technology, but it clear that Matt was right, and HDBaseT is here to stay. Finally, I pointed out the Epson projector because I believe that touch integration is another technology that customers are ready for, but too often we have been overloaded with the software that goes with the hardware. My clients want a screen they can stand in front of their class and control. All the extra software is cute, but the SIMPLE interaction is what they have been lacking.

Finally, as I sign off on my last blog of InfoComm 2013, I have a challenge to manufacturers for next year.  I challenge you to list two things next to each new product: MSRP and ship date.

I look forward to hearing from you, and safe travels home.