InfoComm Live – Day 1

Well, I have had a VERY full day here at the InfoComm Live conference.

As I told a number of people today, there are two great truths to be had about InfoComm holding this event.

The first is this: what I like to call the Circus Bear Effect.

As my dad used to tell me all the time, the amazing thing about Circus Bears is not how well they dance.
The truly amazing thing is that they dance at all.

And InfoComm’s return to doing this kind of event for the Rental and Staging industry marks an important milestone. I have chided them for several years now about the lack of content for Rental, but in the last couple they have hired Andre LeJeune, a true expert on the field, and I supported them in that. This marks another great step for our industry association, so I’ll give credit where credit is due.

The second is this: We are a DIFFICULT group to provide content for. Some of today’s presentations were relevant to Rental and Staging, some were not, but as an industry niche we all must admit that we tend to listen only to ourselves anyway – to people who have “earned their stripes”.  But that’s ok – put this group in a room together, and you already have provided content. The networking, the discussions, are always the most valuable part of a rental industry event. And they have done that, in spades.

I’ll be doing an edition of rAVe about the meeting, but I wanted to say this tonight. There are too many employees of the association who worked on this to mention individually here – but my hat is off to all of them.

But don’t expect me not to criticize them for the scavenger hunt at the Spy Museum. That would be asking too much.