InfoComm Is About Defining Value at a Time of Change


By Garry Wicka
Vice President of Marketing, LG Business Solutions

Time sits still for no one, and that’s certainly the case in AV where the requirement to innovate and improve is a constant. It’s one of the big draws of our industry: we’re continually challenged to create new experiences in retail, hospitality, education, corporate and other environments where our stakeholders are competing for the attention and imagination of their customers. And once we capture the imagination, we’re challenged to retain it.

As a community of integrators, engineers, designers, media professionals, strategists and artists, we understand that each environment needs to start with the customer experience. We understand that the experience itself needs to evolve and change with time. Otherwise, it’s a one-off and the experience gets tired and is no longer a draw. It’s time to change!

How do we embrace this pressure and deliver customer experiences that meet the challenge of time? The first thing is to understand the customer at a deeper level than we’re used to. Place the customer at the center of everything you do and consider the customer experience above all else. Learn who their customers are and work to meet their needs. Persona mapping for systems integration includes not only traditional clients in all verticals, but also their partners, influencers and even their customers’ customers.

Armed with this information and in close collaboration with our systems integration partners, LG pursues purposeful innovation. By working closely with channel partners within systems integration and listening carefully to customers in the IT realm, we have applied the feedback to our R&D programs and are coming up with meaningful innovations. For example, our transparent and curved LG OLED displays that integrators specify to retailers, enabling the retailer to create an experience that rivals that of online retailers. There are similar instances of customer/integrator-inspired LG technologies facilitating integrators to provide business-critical value to their customers in hospitality, corporate, healthcare and education.

Purposeful innovation by LG is enabling integrators to build systems that facilitate meaningful experiences for our customers’ customers. Knowing and understanding our position in the value chain, and also being aware of the existence and pain points of other participants in the value chain, are similarly important. With these insights in hand, our industry is stronger, our businesses are better-informed, and customers have a more delightful AV experience than previously imaginable.

At InfoComm, we’ll all look all around and see exhibitors we wouldn’t have considered InfoComm-typical 10 years ago — lighting, security, WIFI, content services, storage, cloud solutions and more. This is exciting, very encouraging, and portends to a stronger AV industry as long as we understand and express our role and value in the broad value chain.