InfoComm CTS Numbers Growing

If you had (or have) CTS exam jitters, you are not alone. It can be intimidating to take an exam, even when you have years of experience. It might ease your nerves to know how your peers are doing on the exams before you tackle your own goals.

Periodically, InfoComm and the Certification Committee provide pass rates for the CTS-related exams. For 2012 through June 30, the cumulative pass rates (and current total certifications in effect) are as follows:

  • CTS: 70 percent (6,970 certified)
  • CTS-D: 62 percent (664 certified)
  • CTS-I: 84 percent (525 certified)

As you can see, there are now more than 500 CTS-I holders and more than 600 CTS-D holders worldwide. 107 now have both the CTS-D and the CTS-I.

Wondering how your peers prepare for exams? There are no particular courses required as a prerequisite to take the CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I exams; however, candidate feedback indicates that candidates who take structured training courses typically do better on all levels of the exams. Many also report the new online practice exams are very helpful to them as well.

Are you among the three-quarters of CTS holders who are considering earning the specialized CTS-D or CTS-I? Call 1.800.659.7469 and let InfoComm know you want to be certified.