InfoComm Announces Annual Awards at 2010 Show

Each year at the InfoComm show, the association hands out it’s awards for Volunteer of the Year, Educator of the Year, the Service in Education Award, Women in AV Award, Young AV Professional, the InfoComm Board’s Distinguished Achievement Award and the Pioneer of AV Award. Here are this year’s winners:

Volunteer of the Year: The Harald Thiel Volunteer of the Year Award uncovers and celebrates the volunteer who has contributed greatly to the Association and who is not recognized in other ways for that contribution. It is awarded annually for contributions made to the Association within the last one to two years.

The 2010 winner: John Pfleiderer of Cornell University.
JPEducator of the Year: The Educator of the Year Award is nominated by InfoComm’s Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC) and selected by the InfoComm Board of Governors, to honor an individual who works to develop the skills and knowledge of others in the AV industry. Past Educators of the Year include L. William Nattress III, CTS-D, CTS-I; Pete Putman, CTS; Paul Depperschmidt, CTS; John Campanella, CTS-D; Roy A. Hermanson, Jr., CTS-D, CTS-I; Mario Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I; and rAVe’s own Gary Kayye, CTS.

The 2010 winner: Max Kopsho of Kramer Electronics.


Service in Education Award: The Fred Dixon Service in Education Award is nominated by InfoComm’s Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC) and selected by the InfoComm Board of Governors, to honor an individual who exhibits excellence throughout their entire body of work.

The 2010 winner: Mario Maltese of Audio Visual Resources, Inc.


Women in AV Award: The Women in AV Award was created by InfoComm to raise awareness of the growing role of female professionals in the male-dominated field of audiovisual technology. These award winners are in the upper echelon of AV professionals and symbolize the strength of entrepreneurship and excellence in technology management.

The 2010 winner: Helène Andersen, CTS, of AVI-SPL.


Young AV Professional: The Young AV Award was created by InfoComm to recognize up-and-coming professionals in the audiovisual industry. These award winners are held in the highest esteem by their AV industry colleagues of all ages.

The 2010 winners: Joseph A. Legato IV, CTS-D, CTS-I (not pictured), of Verrex Corporation and Jennifer H. Willard, CTS, California Administrative Office of the Courts.


Distinguished Achievement Award: InfoComm’s Distinguished Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed on an industry member by the association. “When the InfoComm Board of Directors considers honoring a member with the Distinguished Achievement Award, two major criteria are applied — the career accomplishments of an individual, and the individual’s contribution to the AV industry.

The 2010 winner: Sonny Davis who served as the Secretary Treasurer, President Elect, President, and Chairman of the Board of InfoComm from 1992 to 1995.


Pioneer of AV Award: The Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award is issued annually by InfoComm International to current or former employees of InfoComm member companies who have made an important contribution to the science of audiovisual technology, whether as an inventor or thought leader who advanced the development of a new product, segment or service of the AV industry.

The 2010 winners: Syn-Aud-Con founders Don and Carolyn Davis and Crestron founder George Feldstein.

george_feldstein Don-Carolyn2