At InfoComm 2017, Bluescape Debuts Situational Awareness Reference Architecture Powered by its Cloud-Based Visual Collaboration Software

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – June 13, 2017 – Bluescape, an innovator in visual collaboration software, today announced a new reference architecture for situational awareness to help organizations plan effectively in managing disruptive or emergency situations. The situational awareness solution aggregates real-time, visual assets into a single digital workspace that can be shared with internal and external resources, so teams can quickly collaborate on a strategy and mount a response.

A Visual Collaboration Solution to Enable Better Crisis Preparedness, Management, and Review

Every organization faces a range of daily threats, from severe weather to security breaches and cyber attacks. Moreover, each incident typically requires input from multiple teams distributed across organizations and agencies—a challenge that makes it harder to achieve a timely response and resolution.

To help organizations address these situational awareness challenges, Bluescape has developed a referential architecture for crisis management with Esri and other partners experienced in delivering mission-critical solutions. Esri is the pioneer behind ArcGIS, the leading mapping and analytics software that enables distributed teams to explore data and share location-based insights.

“Crisis response resolution can happen much more quickly if everyone has access to the same location-based data and analysis—a real strength of our combined situational awareness solution,” said Kurt Daradics, Esri’s Emerging Business Group Manager.

Bluescape Adds New Interactive 4K Display Partners

Bluescape is also expanding its universe of supported devices to include interactive, 4K displays from Dell, Optika Display, Avocor, and Newline Interactive, as well as Microsoft Surface Hub. Unlike other visual collaboration solutions, Bluescape is accessible anywhere, from mobile devices and computers to large-format, interactive displays.

“Situational awareness requires a flexible platform that can be accessed anywhere and supports the tools needed to resolve crises quickly—precisely what Bluescape and our partners provide,” said Nick Brown, vice president of product and marketing for Bluescape. “Bluescape’s ability to integrate disparate, real-time visual assets into a single workspace makes it a natural fit for command and control and disaster response scenarios. Furthermore, because our visual collaboration software runs on any internet-enabled device, disparate teams and agencies can leverage their existing hardware rather than having to purchase new hardware.”

Bluescape and partners are showcasing the new situational awareness solution and device integrations at InfoComm 2017.