InfoComm 2013: The Early Verdict from Joel

Modis_190_black-0613Great show so far — the crowd on the floor seemed a little light at first, but after many years of staging shows here, I can tell you that that is often illusionary, because the convention center is spread out so far. This place is one enormous barn – I remember the first time I taught an ICIA Institute here — I asked where the instructor’s lounge was, and an employee pointed down the hall and said “about half a mile that way.” And that’s no joke.

So, anyway, just poking around for the first morning, doing what I usually do – cruising the show looking for the highlights to go back and see later – and I found one. And sometimes, its the little things that matter.

This is from Element One, and it’s a 22 inch monitor and keyboard for implanting in a boardroom table – and it’s MOTORIZED. It rises from the table smoothly, and the whole impression is so Star Trek that I couldn’t help saying “Now load Photon Torpedoes.” And it’s REMOTE CONTROLLABLE.

I NEED one of these for my desk…