INFiLED Opens New Office in Dubai

INFiLED new office dubai

INFiLED just opened an office in Dubai, marking another milestone in INFiLED’s development in the Middle East. The new office, located in Dubai Film City, covers an area of 285 square meters, three times larger than the previous office, and is equipped with a product experience center and a maintenance center.

The experience center is designed with a modern and technological concept, incorporating digital technology and other multimedia interactive forms in a futuristic space. Multiple high-definition large-sized displays are showcased, providing a comprehensive display of the company’s core products and technologies such as high-definition fixed screens, lightweight rental screens, and multi-functional creative screens. The exhibition covers mainstream applications in areas such as xR virtual shooting, indoor small pitches, commercial displays, outdoor fixed installations, and rentals and staging.

Dubai serves as an important hub connecting the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The establishment of the new showroom undoubtedly helps INFiLED further expand its localized services in the Middle East region, establishing a complete business chain and localized experience center.