INFiLED’s New Series Made for Outdoor Advertising Will Be Available This Month

infiled mv series

INFiLED announced its new MV Series Tuesday. The series, according to INFiLED, is suitable for a wide range of fixed outdoor advertising applications. The product features a light-control sensor for day and night automatic brightness adjustment as well as a Remote Display Monitoring System. The MV Series will be available in multiple sizes 1000×1000 mm, 1000×500 mm, 500×1000 mm, and 500×500 mm. It has a brightness of 5,000 nits, refresh rate of 3,840 GHz, IP65 rate and 10.4 pixel pitch. More pixel pitch options will be available after the release.

Featuring a slim/lightweight aluminum profile system frame, the MV series is designed to deliver a balance between weight and durability to withstand harsh environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations and severe weather conditions. Its features include the following:

  • Aluminum profile system frame
  • Cabinet weight: 19 kg
  • Edge depth: 86 mm
  • Front and rear maintenance (as LED modules can be changed from the front or back)
  • Cabinets available in sizes 1000×1000 mm, 1000×500 mm, 500×1000 mm and 500×500 mm
  • Global Display Monitoring System (DMS) allows remote live monitoring

The INFiLED MV LED Series products are expected to be available by May 2020.