Indy Audio Labs Launches Acurus 20-Channel Immersive Audio Processor

Indy Audio Labs announced newly expanded Acurus ACT 4 audio processing capabilities. As of Q2 2018, the Acurus ACT 4 will natively decode Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 plus support up to four additional configurable channel outputs, for maximum layouts of 9.5.6 or 9.7.4, all with the attention to audio detail Acurus products are known for worldwide. 

Available in April 2018 as a hardware/firmware upgrade kit to existing ACT 4 units in the field, all new ACT 4s will be manufactured with the new expanded channel capability built in right from the factory in Jeffersonville Indiana, USA. 

Additional web-control features and system upgrades to support the upcoming Acurus proprietary automatic room correction tool, ASPEQT (Acurus Speaker Parameter EQ Tool) are included in the new system as well. ASPEQT is scheduled for release in Spring 2018 and will dramatically simplify the process of immersive processor system EQ and room tuning.  

More specs on the ACT 4 are here.