Industry First: RS-232-Controllable HDTV Tuner From Contemporary Research

Contemporary Research always comes to InfoComm with one or two system integrator solutions that seem simple enough, but are actually perfect for the ProAV market.  This year the introduced the ICC2-ATSC HDTV Tuner — an integrated HDTV tuner/controller that networks HD display monitors and projectors in an iC-Net and SignStream display control system. As a universal TV tuner, the ICC2-ATSC can receive ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM cable channels from an MATV antenna or CATV cable RF system.

The tuner displays broadcasts through simultaneous HDMI, RGB/Component, and NTSC composite video or connections. Full-time audio is available from digital 5.1/PCM HDMI, optical, and coax ports, as well as variable-level analog stereo audio outputs.

It uses RS-232 control for integrated display control, and includes onboard database of display control commands. It has universal running for a mix of ATSC, clear QAM and NTSC channels and the company says it changes analog and digital channels instantly with improved RF reception. It also upscales NTSC to HD.

This comes in a 2RU single RK1-HD or dual RK2-HD 19” rack kits and includes 12 VDC switching power supply with CC-COM or CC-232 control cable, at least one HD2-RC per system as options.