Industrial Grade Digital Media Player from Videotel Digital Gets Rave Review as Dynamic Solution for Trade Show Digital Signage

videotel12SAN DIEGO, CA APRIL 04, 2016 — Designed to provide seamless video playback in large or small venues, the Videotel Digital VP71 Media Player receives another accolade. This time working in tandem with the leading manufacturer’s IPM Inter-Play Module, the system is praised by the owner of Secure-All Company Inc. Used to both draw and keep the attention of passersby at trade shows, the VP71 does what it does best: It amps up the volume on any digital signage media message while auto-looping without failure. Engaging the viewer’s experience with an effortless mix of audio, video, picture and image files, the media player helps quantify a company’s benefits in real-time.

Purchased for use with a specialized external board module, Secure-All’s owner said of the industrial media player: “After years of struggling with a clumsy and unreliable video player at our trade shows, we knew we needed to find a better solution. The Videotel VP71 Media Player we purchased delivers much improved video quality, delivers 100% reliable video playback, and is among the easiest to set up. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality standalone HD video player. Videotel is the best!”

The Videotel VP71 Media Player makes use of timed content that can be easily triggered by the customer. Dually, the specialized IPM Inter-Play Module, used in this case, adds to the overall interaction capabilities by allowing the audience themselves to trigger preferred content. The external board offers passersby interactivity as they choose specific material to view within the media player’s playlist. As one can well imagine, additional Videotel LED push buttons, smart motion sensor, proximity and weight display sensors can add also to the versatility of the digital signage solution in numerous ways.

Built to last, the interactive VP71 Industrial Digital Media Player hosts a full metal enclosure. The media player has a proven lifespan of over four plus years. Running continually, even in the event of a power loss, the media player will automatically power on and run without manual interaction.

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