Incoming: A rAVe Newsletter All About Security!

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We’ve heard you and we’ve seen you. We know that security has become an increasingly important part of the AV world. From the amount of stories we’ve covered on cybersecurity (we even have a cybersecurity BlogSquadder — shout out to Paul Konikowski!) to what we’ve seen reach our news desk about physical security, we can put this off no longer.

rAVe [PUBS] is introducing its very first security newsletter.

The first issue will go out to your inboxes on Nov. 15, 2023, and it will include a collection of all the latest security news from us and from some of our media partners.

“If you aren’t selling, integrating or designing systems where security is part of the equation yet, you will,” said Gary Kayye, director and co-founder of THE rAVe Agency. “Both physical and cybersecurity are our responsibility now that everything we’re doing is connected to the network.”

So, tell all your friends (even if they’re not-so-much in traditional ProAV and HomeAV) because it’s important to us that this newsletter represents everyone — a way to bridge the gap between the AV, IT and traditional security industries. If you’re someone who designs, installs and sells products/tech for security or “lite AV” projects — this is for you. What about those of you who work in mass notification, command and control and cybersecurity? This is also for you. Help us spread the word and get ready for our first issue coming straight to your inboxes Nov. 15.

P.S. This newsletter will look a little different than our others we send out via [PUBS], so you’ll have to let me know what you think!

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