Impact Acoustics Introduces SonicWave XLR, TRS, and 1/4 -inch Pro Audio Cables

The SonicWave Pro Audio Cables from Impact Acoustics are available in coaxial audio and twisted pair, shielded audio configurations. Coaxial audio cables enable the connection of line or mic level outputs from mixing consoles to recorders and amplifiers with unbalanced inputs, and the CU Shielding Technology is designed to ensure interference-free audio transmission, says the company. The Shielding is also designed to maintain the cable’s integrity from component to component. Shielded, twisted-pair, silver-plated OFC audio conductors add more immunity from induced noise.

The twisted pair, shielded audio cables are available with two different connector options, XLR Male to Female and 1/4″ TRS Male to Male. Coaxial audio cables are available with connector options of XLR Female to 1/4″ Male and 1/4″ Male to Male. All connector options are available in various cable lengths of 3-100ft.

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