Immersive Display Solutions, Nanolumens Partner to Distribute Nixel Flex dvLED

immersive display solutions nanolumens

Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI) and Nanolumens announced a partnership that includes the distribution of Nanolumen’s Nixel Flex Direct View LED (dvLED). Nanolumens’ Nixel Flex series features fine pixel pitches starting at 0.9mm and True Curve Technology that when combined, achieves an angular resolution that is suitable for military simulation and training. The Nixel Series delivers “effective immersion with an ideal balance of pixel density, color gamut, refresh rate, brightness and curvature.” The Nixel Series also offers TAA compliance.

This is an interesting partnership that sets up Nanolumens well for some creative applications — a niche they’ve owned in the LED space for a few years now!