iminate Announces the Magic Box, the Plug-In and the Outlet for Simplified Control

Melbourne, FL – May 15, 2018 – AVidea Group (AViG), announces the Magic Box, the Plug-In, and the Outlet from iminate, which will be introduced at InfoComm 2018 from June 6 – 8, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

iminate adds even more capabilities to its simple control system with the addition of the Magic Box, the Plug-in and the Electrical Outlet. These products, like the entire iminate suite work with other iminate products or by themselves to simply solve common control problems, making automation scalable, easy and affordable.

The Magic Box is an interface between iminate and other devices connected to the local network. Connecting to the local router via Wi-Fi, the Magic Box can be located anywhere and is ideal for controlling other systems and devices – such as SONOS® or other music streamers.

The Plug-In switches any kind of load, and simply plugs into any existing electrical outlet to provide control of a plugged-in device. Featuring an ambient light sensor with a convenient night light, the Plug-In is easily controlled from the iminate App or any iminate Keypad.

The Outlet replaces any existing electrical receptacle to provide smart phone control. It improves safety by detecting any unusual activity in the output, such as overloads and shorts, and immediately shuts down its power without affecting any other device on the circuit. A tamper-resistant 20A outlet with the ability to switch any load type, the Outlet also reports how much energy is being used by the connected device. The Outlet is easy to install, using the same mounting and wiring, and accepts a Decora® wall plate to match with any décor. The EU version accepts any standard 55mm wall plate.

“iminate was designed to make automation simple to install yet powerful to control,” said Joseph Howell, the Chief Executive Officer of AVidea Group. “With its scalability, iminate can simplify an entire home, hotel or light-commercial space that’s customized for the user while remaining affordable. The Magic Box, the Plug-In and the Outlet provide the opportunity to create an automated space with one product – or all fourteen of the products within our lineup.”

The suite of iminate products fulfills most home automation needs, including working with hundreds of third-party systems, including music, climate control, door locks, and window shades; and providing voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Echo.

Visit iminate in booth N3227 at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keep up with the latest from iminate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit for more information.