International Institute for Management Development Installs ARHT Live Hologram Tech at Switzerland, Singapore Campuses

imd arht

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) has installed ARHT live hologram technology at its campuses in Lausanne, Switzerland and Singapore to expand the scope and reach of its executive education programs while minimizing climate impact.

The technology will increase the ways in which its faculty and guest speakers can be deployed to deliver and contribute to programs on both campuses, enabling a greater diversity of expertise to engage as effectively as possible with a wider range of participants without the need for air travel.

IMD has invested heavily in technology-mediated teaching capabilities on both campuses in recent years, such as the latest advancements in interactive video conferencing tools, to enhance existing pedagogical approaches and to pioneer and integrate new virtual and hybrid learning journeys. With the introduction of ARHT Capture Studio and ARHT screens in Lausanne and Singapore, participants present on both campuses can engage with life-size, life-like projections of faculty and other experts as if they were “in the room”, rather than on a screen. IMD expects this to improve engagement and retention levels for its programs, which have so far relied on standard videoconferencing interventions from supporting faculty and guest speakers for its face-to-face programs.

With the reduced requirement for travel, faculty will be free to contribute to a wider range of learning journeys, expanding IMD’s capacity to deliver programs to a larger number of participants. For example, a program director based in Singapore running a session on sustainable business transformation can invite experts in Lausanne to “beam” into the room for specific interventions, allowing participants and guest speakers to interact and engage in a more realistic and natural way.

“This exciting collaboration with ARHT will help us continue our mission of striving to be a leading provider of innovative executive education solutions that enable people from all over the world to gain access to our courses and expertise,” said IMD’s Chief Digital and Customer Experience Officer, Louis Leclézio. “We believe this partnership will further enhance our commitment towards sustainability and learning equity for our students by allowing us to bridge physical distances.”

“By combining ARHT’s cutting-edge technology with our innovative approach to teaching, IMD is paving the way for a new era of immersive and effective education.”

“IMD is one of the most forward-thinking executive business schools today, and we are thrilled that they chose us as their partner for this initiative,” said ARHT CEO Larry O’Reilly. “Our technology takes learning and development to a whole new level, so we are excited to see how it will transform executive education in the hands of IMD.”