iMAGsystems Claims Zero-Latency 4K Over IP

Lightning-Encoder-Front-0416iMAGsystems just released a video over IP 4K encoder/decoder series called Lightning that’s based on the AptoVision chip-set.

Claiming it to be an uncompressed, zero frame latency 4K Video over IP system using off the shelf Cat6A networking switches, Lightning delivers HDMI video up to 4k resolution (Buyer Beware: there is no chroma sampling rate specified by iMAGsystems so it’s likely to be 4:2:0 at 60Hz) together with RS232/IR control and gigabit ethernet over 10gig networking infrastructure. It is designed for routing computer video data through venues and corporate facilities using existing or stand alone networks using off-the-shelf 10Gig switches and routers.

Using AptoVision Blue River NT technology, Lightning creates virtual matrix applications using networking infrastructure. And, the Lightning API control box has been designed for ease of use to ensure Lightning systems can be easily be configured by personnel new to networking.

The detailed specs are here.