iMAGsystems at ISE2018

For ISE2018, iMAGsystems will showcase software control enhancements to the SDVoE platform that resides in their Lightning product. Their approach to AV over IP is well beyond the pixel for pixel transport of 4K video, the underlying software backbone has provided a new set of tools for Pro AV installations. Making its world debut in Amsterdam, iMAGsystems will reveal a wireless one button product called iPress that will provide customized control operation of any number of functions for the end user. iPress is a small wireless button that enhances Lightning use by providing each user with a customized connection to the system with LED feedback. Coupling this function with the recent introduction of Global Cache integration, a whole suite of tools and functionality can be integrated including secure HTTP commands, making web page control possible. 

Analytics is an area iMAGsystems has been turning its attention to.  Lightning now provides corporations with business intelligence to track usage, not only to justify equipment investment but to allow re-deployment of equipment as necessary. Lightning’s analytics page will graphically represent clear and meaningful information on system use. Administrators can now see just how much use the AV in the room really receives and further reveal, how users react with the equipment. In addition, all this data can be exported and used in popular business intelligence software platforms like Microsoft’s Power BI. This allows corporations to view the analytics exactly as they want to view them and more importantly in a familiar format that non-AV personnel can understand.