Imagine Turning Your Favorite Car Into Speakers — Genelec Just Did That!

genelec raw aluminum

Genelec is now offering customers the option of a RAW aluminum color finish, available on a selection of models in its Studio, AV and Home Audio ranges. All the models feature the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design, developed by Genelec in close collaboration with leading industrial designer Harri Koskinen and fashioned from recycled aluminum. The RAW versions require no painting and less finishing material than standard painted models.

The models available are all two-way designs and include the 8020, 8030 and 8040 nearfield studio monitors, the 4020, 4030 and 4040 installation loudspeakers, the new 4420 and 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers and the G Two, G Three and G Four home audio models.

Genelec’s first use of aluminum enclosures dates back to 1996 with the launch of the 1029A nearfield model, with the curves of the diecast MDE design finally achieving worldwide recognition when the 8000 series was unveiled in 2004. By eliminating edge diffractions, the MDE delivers incredibly flat frequency response, precise imaging and unparalleled acoustical performance. The slimline enclosure is elegantly cast and beautifully finished to produce a rigid structure with sizeable internal volume — thereby extending the frequency response while simultaneously reducing resonances and thus the quantity of inner damping material required.