IHSE USA to Show Latest Solutions at WEST 2023

IHSE at WEST 2023

IHSE USA says it is bringing a powerful lineup of products designed to support state-of-the-art security requirements for command and control (C2) operations to Booth 1648 during WEST 2023, Feb. 14-16 in San Diego.

On display will be the Draco vario 487 Series of extenders, certified to the latest common criteria standards for NIAP PP PSD 4.0 certification, as well as a full line of KVM products designed for interfacing, switching and distribution compatible with typical video distribution systems.

“Security and flexibility are what’s needed to be as strategic and responsive as possible in today’s C2 applications,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “At WEST 2023, that theme will be seen throughout our booth. Our diverse range of KVM and extender solutions are purpose-built to provide incredible efficiency and command and control modernization.”

IHSE Common Criteria/EAL 4-Approved Axtenders

The new Draco vario 487 Series of secure KVMA (keyboard, video, mouse, audio) extenders maintains air-gap signal isolation to protect multiple security levels in government, military and other critical infrastructure applications. To offer the highest level of air-gap separation, the 487 Series meets the strictest Common Criteria/NIAP data-security requirements for peripheral-sharing devices. The 487 Series of products prevents vulnerable video peripherals from attacking secure computers by ensuring that video and KM flow in a unidirectional and filtered manner.

By preventing host-to-peripheral direct access, the secure extender eliminates data leakage and filters irrelevant data from reaching sensitive computers. Every model supports USB-HID for keyboard and mouse, DisplayPort/HDMI, and, optionally, audio. When these extenders are part of an IHSE secure KVM matrix, users can simultaneously control and access classified and nonclassified sources through the same keyboard and mouse port.

Draco MultiView 4K60 KVM Switch Series MV42

Draco MultiView 4K60 KVM Switch Series MV42 provides two outputs and allows sharing of workstation displays with wall displays up to 4K60. The switch enables the simultaneous operation of four computers displayed on one or two displays, with full access from a single keyboard and mouse. Offering four inputs and two outputs, the 1-RU solution is capable of handling four ultra-high-resolution video displays up to 4K/UHD at a 60Hz frame rate; users simply move the mouse from one display region to another.

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With programmable keyboard commands, real-time switching between video sources is also possible. By default, the system’s individual screens can be arranged freely and displayed in different modes: full-screen, quad-screen, picture-in-picture, preview, 2+2 and free mode. Presets allow for instant switching between layouts. External control options are available via API or the GPIO interface.

kvm-tec Series of Extenders for KVM over IP

On display will be kvm-tec’s Scalable Line, supporting networked 4K multiviewer capabilities over a 10G network switch. Unique features include the ability to control and manage up to 16 computer sources on a single display via a single keyboard and mouse. By simply moving the mouse inside the gridded cell and clicking, the mouse allows full control of the source. In addition, up to four Scalable receivers can be network-bonded to allow up to 64 sources across the four displays.

IHSE KVM extenders

IHSE KVM extenders offer touch-screen capabilities for large sand table displays. IHSE offers KVM extenders to support keyboard/mouse/touch-screen options in the same extender set for mission briefs and training exercises typically using tabletop touchscreen displays. Based on IHSE’s commercially available Draco vario line or ultra line of extenders, touchscreen displays for 1080p or 4K can be separated from the CPU source up to 140m over Cat X or up to 10km over fiber.

Packaged in a compact aluminum chassis, these units can be easily mounted in an equipment rack, under a table, or at the back of the display. HDMI or DisplayPort video connections are also supported. For large tactical shelters where multiple planning briefs take place, C4ISR sources can be maintained in the main shelter and sand tables moved to separate, interconnected C2 end sections for more secure analytics and planning.

To see these solutions and more, visit IHSE USA at WEST 2023 in Booth 1648 or visit