IHSE Details InfoComm Plans

IHSE sent rAVe a list of the products the company will highlight at InfoComm:

Draco vario 2×1 HDMI KVM: IHSE’s Draco vario 2×1 HDMI KVM switch is a compact two-port KVM switching solution that enables extended-distance connections between computer sources and user stations. Addressing market demand for increased security when connecting multiple computers in a single workstation area, the Draco vario HDMI 2×1 system is making it possible to leverage two remote computers or servers at one desk using a single keyboard, mouse, and display. Thanks to IHSE’s award-winning Draco vario 481 series extenders for HDMI, signals can be shared across long distances over a single fiber or Cat-X connection with perfect video quality and zero mouse latency.

The new Draco vario HDMI 2×1 two-port package delivers convenience, enhanced security, and superior performance over fixed-box solutions that require all the CPU cables to connect directly to the box at the workstation location. For added flexibility, a local HDMI and USB port on the RX extender allows for a local computer or laptop to be connected directly at the workstation. With simple keyboard commands, users can have immediate access to three sources via a single keyboard and mouse. Engineered for reliability and exceptional high-resolution image performance, the Draco vario uses IHSE’s optimized compression technology to deliver perfect transmission of computer video images up to 1920×1200@60Hz resolution, including 1080p/60 and 2K.

Draco ultra DP 240: The Draco ultra DP 240 is the industry’s first high-frequency extender for gaming applications, supporting refresh rates up to 240Hz at full 1080p resolutions. The extender solution allows users to operate CPUs from devices at a remotely located workstation — supporting DisplayPort video devices, keyboards, and pointing devices — over a single duplex fiber cable. With built-in USB supporting gaming keyboards, these devices allow the ultra-fast response times demanded by professional gamers.

Alongside the state-of-the-art Draco ultra gaming extender technology for 4K resolutions, the Draco ultra DP 240 raises the bar for performance and delivers the higher refresh rates demanded by esports and gaming professionals. For competition gaming stations where computers need to be located at distances that exceed the reach of copper cables, these KVM display management extenders ensure the delivery of sharper visuals to gamers and esports players during fast-action gameplay. Additionally, moving the mouse will feel smoother compared to a more typical 60Hz display.

R488 Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway: On display at InfoComm 2019 will be IHSE’s R488 Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway for KVM (keyboard, video and mouse), which reduces the time and cost associated with managing multisite computer sources by combining networked workstations and local computers under a single display management system. For industry applications like video production or broadcasting, workflow is tremendously improved when operators can share multiple computer sources, no matter if they are centralized or located across the globe. The new SIRA Gateway adds more flexibility to the Draco tera matrix series without sacrificing the philosophy of securely isolating the core matrix and signal management from TCP/IP. Encrypted signal transmission via IP ensures protection of intellectual property while still offering the most flexible access to matrices connected from remote locations via private or public networks.

Because the SIRA Gateway uses TCP/IP for its communications protocol across the internet and translates it to the IHSE closed-loop protocol, computers connected to the fixed KVM switch can be accessed whether the computer is located in the same office or building, or in another city or country. The R488 SIRA KVM-over-IP connection provides 50 millisecond latency to support superior response for broadcast and other dynamic video applications.

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