ihiji Debuts New Cloud-Based Remote IP Network Scan with Auto-Discovery and WAN Performance Monitoring

RastaNinja-FULLface-0214At ISE in Amsterdam, ihiji debuted a cloud-based IP Network Scan with Auto-Discovery and Internet Speed Test features. The ihiji invision system now features these new enhancements, which enable ihiji’s cloud-based network management solution for systems integrators and IT managers by providing increased capability to remotely detect, diagnose and resolve network issues while saving the time and cost of troubleshooting or rolling a truck.

The new toolset collects data about all connected devices on a given network and provides a detailed inventory reporting as to the IP address, manufacturer, mac address, last seen and first seen instances. The new Auto-Discovery feature can also convert devices into ihiji-managed devices, further simplifying the configuration process.

ihiji’s new cloud-based WAN Performance Monitoring feature allows technology integrators and IT technicians to check and confirm network functionality and relative upload/download speeds at each of their client sites, either as part of regular maintenance or to assist in resolving service issues. In addition to current Internet quality, this feature also logs and charts connection quality over time, providing Internet latency, upload speed, download speed and network jitter information.

Here are all the details.