IGEL Partners With LG for OT and IoT Segments in Collaboration


IGEL, provider of the secure endpoint OS for now and next, announced that it aims to deliver a secure, seamless and engaging digital experience on commercial displays from LG Business Solutions. This expanded strategic collaboration with LG Electronics — beyond the LG thin-client devices powered by the IGEL OS — marks IGEL’s entry into the operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) segments.

The new large-screen digital display initiative, initially targeting health care facilities, will leverage the IGEL Preventative Security Model to help minimize the attack vectors. Using a secure Linux operating system, the IGEL OS delivers a solid Zero Trust foundational approach to IT security. With the IGEL OS, customers across various industries and sectors will be able to securely and effortlessly manage content on a variety of large-screen LG displays.

At the heart of the IGEL-LG collaboration is a shared dedication to enhancing the customer experience. IGEL’s cloud-based software solution will allow users in the health care market to access many cloud solutions tailored for LG digital signage, interactive displays and video walls, all within a user-friendly management environment.

IGEL OS with LG devices is detailed here: