If You’re in Live Events, Be More Creative …

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Photo courtesy of Moment Factory

We’ve got to stop being so reactive. Stop giving them just what they want.

“If you don’t tell them it exists, they certainly won’t buy it from you!”

Our clients just aren’t that creative.

  • LED Imaging ✅
  • Stage ✅
  • LED Lighting ✅
  • Loud ✅

As Gen Z continues to emerge as the most creative generation we’ve ever seen, we’ve got to step up our game. They don’t want to listen to music at a concert, they want to experience it. They don’t just want to hear a great keynote speaker, they want to connect with him or her and, ultimately, befriend them. They don’t want to buy event shirts, they want to make their own on Etsy. They want to watch TV on their phones.

It’s a dichotomy of reality. It makes no sense yet, but these are our future clients. New tech like XR (aka StageCraft), moving stages, Metaverse-based entertainment, VR and MR will change the landscape of live events forever. And, it’s going to happen at light speed. All of a sudden, it will be here, and Gen Z will be there.

Are you looking at what Epic Games is doing with Unreal Engine 5? Did you even attend Unreal Fest? Did you even know it exists? Did you know Zoom is in the live events market now? And, did you know that the second-largest event production company in the world is now owned by an ad agency?



More to come. Have a nice day.

Oh, and remember I said this: Moment Factory — even I want to work there …