If You Think You Missed Nureva at InfoComm – You’re Wrong! Here’s Gary Kayye’s Review of All-Things Nureva!


If you didn’t have a chance to make it to InfoComm, here’s a round-up of what you missed in the Nureva booth – one of my favorite ProAV manufacturers of all time. In case you didn’t know, Nureva was founded by the same team who started SMART Technologies – basically the inventors of the interactive whiteboard – Nancy Knowlton and David Martin.

Nureva also has the premier mic-array product for UCC and classroom applications housed in a speaker-bar configuration. Put it this way, and it’s good enough that I specified it (the HDL300) to go in all the classrooms I teach in at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And UNC was kind enough to oblige after thoroughly testing it themselves.

In any case, calling the Nureva HDL series product, a mic-array is doing it a disservice, to be frank. It’s much better than that. They branded it Microphone Mist technology, and their explanation is way, way better than I could ever do, but, for sure, you should sign-up for a live demo. Yes, they will do a one-on-one demo with you inside a meeting room and a classroom, using Teams, Zoom, or any other UCC platform you schools. But, if you do the demo, you will buy it.

So, earlier this month in Las Vegas for InfoComm 2022, I took the time to shoot a booth tour with its VP of Products, Rob Abbott, and it’s worth watching as we did a live demo during the tour. So, let me pause here for you to watch the tour:

As I mentioned, you should do a demo for yourself, but in the meantime, this video we shot live on the show floor does a good job explaining how Microphone Mist works. As I mentioned, I have the HDL300 in my classrooms, but, for smaller rooms, like conference or meeting rooms, the HDL200 works fine. It really depends on how many virtual mics you need, and that’s room-size dependent – and here’s the difference; Watch:

Something new at InfoComm was the Nureva XT kit. Late last year, Nureva debuted an AI-based USB camera called the CV30. The CV30 has an 84º FOV with a 4K sensor and is designed to be wall-mounted. But, the Nureva XT kit makes converting any classroom into a UCC-based classroom easy as it includes the CV30, a pro-grade 4-port powered USB hub and an HDL300 – in addition to all the installation pieces needed, too.

Here’s a video my team shot of the elements of the Nureva XT kit while on the InfoComm show floor:

And ultimately, you’ll love Nureva Console – the all-in-one cloud-based management and monitoring platform for all things Nureva. But, at InfoComm, they also added control and management of 3rd-party devices inside Console. This is a game-changer in UCC device room control as it means you don’t have to have rooms exclusively using one UCC camera manufacturer. Check it out:

Finally, although she was not able to grab an interview with Nancy herself, our editor, Steph Beckett, spent a few minutes with the president of Nureva to get her take on InfoComm and all that Nureva showed during the 2022 event! Watch this: