If You Haven’t Registered for the NSCA BLC, You Should. Here’s Why …


NSCA’s executive director sent out a letter today that I felt compelled to share. He’s making a great case as to why you should join the 2021 NSCA BLC – Business and Leadership Conference. I hope you will join him as NSCA does some great work fo the systems integrator community:

Dear NSCA Members:
NSCA is proud to host the 23rd annual Business & Leadership Conference, which will take place in a virtual format in 2021. The event is February 24-25 and will be an intense two days of what our planning committee believes to be the most relevant and crucial content for systems integrators.

Even if you don’t attend any other conference in our field this year (virtual or otherwise), 2021 BLC should be on your calendar. This is the one that key industry leaders are attending and supporting. Click to register now.

I’m very proud of the diverse speakers and subject matter experts along with global industry professionals at BLC. The content is focused on the challenge we all face of restarting the industry and reimagining the client experience. We will address these challenges in a positive and proactive way to demonstrate that new opportunities are abundant, new revenue sources are within our grasp, that we are all capable of becoming stronger leaders, more agile companies, and that we can improve processes, drive execution and accountability in even the best organizations.

Our virtual platform will allow for lectures, workshops, peer interaction, and networking amongst our tight knit community. We will gather in a different way in 2021, yet we remain committed to deliver excellence and to build the future together as we critique, identify core issues, and translate lessons learned into best practices.

Together we will examine the most pertinent business ramifications and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and frame them against the most important trends and events that are currently shaping the integration industry. We will focus on emerging technologies and innovative strategies that can build greater confidence within our community and assure your staff and client base that NSCA is fully committed to your success, growth, health, safety, and security.

Also, just as important, at 2021 BLC you can attend NSCA’s annual Member Meeting. As an NSCA member you need to attend this meeting to understand what YOUR trade association is prioritizing for 2021. Your voice matters. For instance, we’re facing a lot of legislative issues in 2021 and we want you to tell us how to represent you in D.C. and in your state houses. Beyond regulation challenges, this is an important year and we have a lot to discuss with our members.

At the 23rd annual BLC we’re ready to deliver to you a high-value, content rich, engaging experience that is simply a must-attend event.

We hope you will block these two days on your schedule. As an additional bonus all sessions will be made available to you for a one-week period. This provides a tremendous added benefit in that you can review all the sessions this year at a tremendous value. Please register and participate in the 2021 BLC.

If you have any questions, please contact me at cwilson@nsca.org.

Take care,