If you can only take ONE CLASS at InfoComm, What Does rAVe Think It Should Be?

ssomers 0509

IC09-brochure-pagecurl-0509In evaluating the plethora of courses offered at InfoComm 09 this year in Orlando that Rental/Stagers might have an interest in, here’s the one we think you’ll overlook that you should SERIOUSLY consider: Session # IS39

Title: Display Color Management

Instructor: Extron’s Steve Somers

Description:  As digital signage, digital cinema and content creation proliferate, proper color rendition in displays is paramount. This course bridges color space theory and practical application where display matching and maximal color performance are required. Topics include: matching display colors, color calibration standards, display/print disparity, color spaces and performance.

Sure, maybe there’s a lot of digital signage crap in the description, but that’s marketing fluff written to get people to attend.  The meat is in the display calibration portion of the class and Steve is a MASTER.   A Jedi Master.  Seriously, ATTEND this class – you WILL NOT regret it!