If This Show is Smaller – Why Can’t I Get Anywhere?

One thing that’s consistent year after year, show after show about the day before a show opens – it looks like it’s far from being ready to open.

Crap everywhere!

TO walk from the front of the Hall (Da-Lite/Extron) to the Back (Lighthouse), it took me a freakin’ hour. Crates everywhere, fork-lift drivers that just drive regardless of who’s walking where and man it’s HOT – no AC until tomorrow AM.  It’s at least 95-degrees in there.

But, I have noticed that the show is still HUGE. InfoComm 09 may not break any records, but it will NOT be a bust like so many predicted.  There will be at least 25,000 people here and maybe closer to 30K.  I see people everywhere.

And, the new products are coming.  I see more new products this year than last. I think R&D was more creative in 2009 with less budgets.  I think we may see some great surprises.  In fact, I know of a few that i am not allowed to talk about – and they are cool!

Oh, one last thing, I am heading to the Extron pre-show private preview for rAVe in 30-minutes.  We should have that video up for you BY 4pm!   It will be worth checking out as Extron will, again, be the talk of the show…