IDK and SDVoE announce bridge between IP-NINJAR and Dante

Kanagawa, Japan (January 30, 2019) At ISE 2019, in addition to showcasing the latest features of its IP-NINJAR series of 10GbE base AV over IP solution, IDK is presenting an exciting glimpse into the future – A Bridge between SDVoE® and Dante® audio protocols for the first time and to be available this early summer.

IDK is pleased to introduce a new IP-NINJAR / Dante Audio Bridge, the latest AV over IP product, model: NJR-AB08DAN. The Bridge transcodes audio signaling directly between the IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) and Dante protocol environments. Audio signal transport is enabled from NJR transmitters to Dante devices and from Dante device to NJR receivers. The new IP-NINJAR Bridge eliminates third party converters and processors. This enhances system design flexibility while streamlining architecture, eliminating interoperability guesswork and optimizing reliability. Each NJR-AB08DAN can receive up to four (4) audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters outputting up to eight (8) channels in Dante protocol. Additionally, each bridge can accept up to 8-channel audio from Dante sources, outputting IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol in up to four (4) audio streams. This feature enables Dante audio embedding on HDMI signals and de-embedding through analog audio outputs at IP-NINJAR receivers.

Thanks to collaboration between IDK and the SDVoE Alliance, the ISE preview will demonstrate how the NJR-AB08DAN Dante Audio Bridge along with IDK’s other SDVoE CODEC based, AV over IP portfolio will simplify our customers’ systems.

“With this latest IP-NINJAR building block, we are responding to the market’s demand for the simplest, easiest and most reliable AV-over-IP system integration solution,” said Hideki Iwasaki, president of IDK Corporation “By bridging two different protocols, SDVoE and Dante, we can solve technical challenges while further supporting our customers’ preferences for migration to full-featured Ethernet-based system topologies.”

“SDVoE is recognized as the only interoperable standard for distributing video using commodity network hardware, and Dante is far and away the leader in audio distribution over Ethernet networks,” said Justin Kennington, president of SDVoE Alliance. “We congratulate IDK on creating a path to seamlessly connect these two world-class technologies – this is just one more important way SDVoE is transforming the matrix.”

IDK Corporation is exhibiting on Stand 10-R180 at ISE 2019, which takes place at the Amsterdam RAI from 5-8 February 2019.

Audio Features:

Transcode Audio signal between IP- NINJAR (SDVoE) and Dante protocol

Receives up to four (4) audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters and output as Dante protocol up to eight (8) channels

Receives up to 8 channel Dante audio from Dante devices and output as IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol up to four (4) audio streams

Dante audio embedded on HDMI signal at IP-NINJAR receiver

Dante audio de-embedded to analog audio signal at IP-NINJAR receiver

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