ICYMI: LAVNCH WEEK 7 — Emerging Tech Day

LW7 ET 1.0

LAVNCH Week 7 is in full swing, and today we dove into all things emerging technology. The day was packed with interesting panels and discussions about trends in the AV industry including experience design, esports and virtual production.

If you weren’t there, emerging tech day of LAVNCH Week 7 is available on demand, so there is no excuse for missing out on all this thought-provoking and engaging content.

To start off the day, Steph and Megan dropped exciting information about the Out of This World Experiences Awards from LAVNCH. The awards feature exciting next-level experiences and nominations are open now through March 22. They also talked about AI month in March and would love to hear your perspective on AI on ProAV with this survey.

Rich Ventura from Sony talked about new trends in the AV industry and how Sony has developed a new camera that incorporates AI technology for a more interactive video experience.

Experience Design is all about focusing on user experience when building technology, and emphasizing how the user interacts with the technology. To show some of the latest trends in user design and experience, we rolled some footage from videos we took at ISE 2023.

Next up, James O’Hagan, Jared Timmins, Joe Dunbar and Raj Singh joined Megan for a panel discussion about esports and experience design. They touched on everything from installations to tournament experience to the education market in esports. Their expertise really shone through their unique insights.

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“Coming from a broadcast POV, everything that the next generation of technology from media consumption and distribution needs is really handled in esports,” said Jaren Timmins.

Bob Caniglia from Blackmagic Design joined Megan to talk about the role of virtual production in the AV industry.

“I think it’s exciting because there are now a lot of tools that are now lower cost so it’s going to democratize the use of this stuff,” said Bob Caniglia, director of sales operations for North America at Blackmagic Design.

To give an overview of the emerging technology in the industry, Gary Kayye joined Ed Haravon and Mina Mustafa on a panel about VR, AI, XR, the metaverse and other exciting tech. The panel encouraged people to try out these new technologies and immersive environments to get comfortable with them because they are only becoming more important in the AV community and other industries.

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Finishing out the content for the day, Steph moderated a panel about virtual production in the corporate space with Kris Santoro, Andre Dantzler, Jaime Raffone and Joe Whitesides. They got into gear, XR and trends in virtual production.

“We are on the forefront of new tech that is really just minutes old,” said Andre Dantzler, CEO and founder of SociallyU.

To wrap up emerging tech day of LAVNCH Week 7, Megan joined Steph to recap some of the themes of the day. The panels were all so fascinating and relevant and touched on some really important topics in the industry. You will definitely want to watch all of them on demand here.

Tomorrow is digital signage day for LAVNCH Week 7, and as a reminder, you can receive 2.5 CTS RUs for every day you attend live, so tune in for all of the content we have lined up for the rest of the week!