Wainhouse Research at InfoComm 2015 (2 of 4)


By Ira Weinstein Sr. Analyst, Consultant and Partner, Wainhouse Research The WR video conferencing / AV team took InfoComm 2015 by storm. For those of you keeping track, this is Ira’s 26th (yes — not a typo) InfoComm. As always, InfoComm provides access to a wealth of information about products, services, and companies… as well […]

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We Just Uploaded Over 3000 Photos from InfoComm


We had two professional photographers go around the show floor and they took over 3000 beautiful shots of booths, products, people, technology and, well, all that was InfoComm 2015! We’ve posted them all here and all you need to do is LIKE our Facebook Page and then click on PHOTOS and find the album you are […]

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InfoComm 2015 Sets Record in Orlando


InfoComm 2015, the annual conference and exhibition for professional audiovisual buyers and sellers worldwide, held June 13-19 in Orlando was visited by 39,105 professionals attending from more than 108 countries. This represents a 5.6 percent increase in attendance over InfoComm 2014. We sent over 30 reporters to the show and you can see all our […]

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Panasonic Debuts Remote Camera Production at InfoComm


Panasonic upgraded the company’s AW-HE40 integrated PTZ cameras with something called tap assist camera control — the industry’s first 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera, and a new 4K multi-purpose camera. Aimed for applications in corporate, government, staging, houses-of-worship, education, broadcasting and sports, the AW-HE40 Upgrade Adds HD IP-Streaming, In-Camera Recording and USB Video The AW-SFU01 upgrade for […]

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Wainhouse Research at InfoComm 2015 (1 of 4)


By Ira Weinstein Sr. Analyst, Consultant and Partner, Wainhouse Research Follow me on Twitter at @iweinstein. The Wainhouse Research (WR) video conferencing / AV team took InfoComm 2015 by storm.  For those of you keeping track, this is Ira’s 26th (yes — not a typo) InfoComm.  As always, InfoComm provides access to a wealth of […]

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ORLANDO, FL (June 17, 2015) – Here at InfoComm 2015, Panasonic is highlighting developments in remote camera production, including a powerful upgrade for the company’s AW-HE40 integrated PTZ cameras, an innovative tap assist camera control system, the professional video industry’s first 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera, and a new 4K multi-purpose camera. These advances facilitate innovative applications […]

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Panasonic Debuts 4K Projector That’s Really 5K


Panasonic just introduced at InfoComm the PT-DZ21KU, the company’s first beyond 4K screen resolution projector. The PT-DZ21KU projector was shown performing image projection mapping onto a Tesla Model S (here’s the video we shot of it at InfoComm). The PT-DZ21KU 4K+ Projector With 4K+ screen resolution (5,120×3,200) and Quad Pixel Drive technology and they say […]

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dnp’s Douglas Brashear Helps Launch dnp Into the US market


Douglas Brashear, director of sales at dnp, spoke about the company’s ability to improve the front projection experience as the Denmark-based company makes its U.S. debut. Unlike diffusion screens, dnp’s technology can reject ambient light while controlling and maximizing projected light. Check out this video to hear about what dnp brings to the industry.  

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New Company EventCollab CEO Tommy Melancon Talks Product Launch


EventCollab officially launched their company and project management software this week at InfoComm 2015 – as part of the InfoComm Innovations Showcase. Their focus is on rental staging companies; however, this product has applications across the industry for project and event management. Check out this link for a demo video of the product: Watch this […]

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Gary Interviews Prysm’s Dana Corey


Dana Corey, vice president of sales & technical operations at Prysm, took the time to talk to Gary about Prysm products and strategy. Prysm launched Synthesis 2.0 and Cascade 65 at InfoComm 2015 and showcased Skype for Business, as well as the company’s mirroring collaboration capabilities. Dana pointed out how Prysm’s lower price point but […]

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Gary Talks with Melissa Rone About Da-Lite’s New Presence at InfoComm


Melissa Rone, senior marketing manager for Da-Lite, talks about the new Da-Lite customer experience launched this year that creates a single destination for product orders through Milestone.com. Although Parallax, Da-Lite’s ambient-light-rejecting technology, is a big draw to the booth, the company’s Wireline Advantage Screen product attracted just as much attention. Watch this video to hear […]

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Gary Speaks with John Riley of Almo About Their InfoComm 2015 Experience


John Riley, vice president of sales for Almo Pro A/V, talks with Gary about how digital signage is entrenched in the AV market and how Almo can help with both content creation services as well as integration services. In addition, he talks InfoComm 2015, attendance and details about the fall series of E4 AV Tours. […]

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InfoComm: What I Learned About IoT at the InfoComm Keynote


By Brad Grimes InfoComm International Great seeing all of you packed into the opening keynote panel, Tuesday afternoon of InfoComm 2015 in Orlando. As you know (and for those of you who weren’t there, you may have heard), the topic was the Internet of Things. Seems a little far afield for an AV industry confab. […]

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