I Have To Hire A New Sales Person

00358_00208I have to hire a new sales person. I feel like I am always hiring new sales people. But this is the truth of running a small business — or any type of business, I suppose.  There should always be new recruits coming in.  New blood, as they say. I have found that one of the biggest benefits of new sales people, is the effect they have on the existing sales staff.  It seems very often that the enthusiasm new sales people bring to a company is infectious.  The sales staff that was becoming complacent is suddenly revitalized. There is a re-newing of spirit.

I love this part of the process. New life, new sales, new ideas and new points of view combine with experience, history and success to create a surge of creativity and inroads into new markets and growth in verticals you had previously thought stagnant.  WOOOHOOO! It’s like opening day at Citi Field, all full of promise and possibilities.  Let’s play ball!

Infectious — really, that’s what it is. Well at least amongst those who are re-newable. But sometimes hiring a new sales person is a chore.  A necessary evil. Have you ever been in a situation where a new sales person comes in, all full of life and ready to take on a new challenge (I am convinced good sales people need a significant change every 2-3 years in order to fight boredom and complacency), and the next thing you know you have your “veteran” sales person in your office every day complaining about the new hire.  “S/he doesn’t get it.” “S/he is going to step on my territory.” “S/he talks too much.” “S/he smells funny.” Whatever it is, there is a complaint about it.Grrrrrr. I just want to scream – If you spent half as much time on bringing in sales as you did complaining about the new person, I would be rich!  But, I have to restrain myself.

Therein lies my problem.  I have to hire a sales person. YAY. And then I have to deal with the backlash.  It was always a bittersweet challenge for me. Finding the right fit and making sure that the distraction of “new person integration and energy” is minimal, constructive and valuable.  Except this time, I am actually excited about hiring a new sales person. I think I have a really great group and all but one of them are relatively new themselves — so I hope that the new person excitement that has infected my department for the past few months will continue through the beginning of next year. I am, for the first time in a while, looking forward to this hiring process, to meeting these new prospects and figuring out just which one will continue the creative flow (my sales river) that will prolong my company’s growth.

So here’s to my sales river, and those who are feeding it. (No pun intended, as I sit here in the midst of Hurricane Sandy watching the river flowing down my street and the roof creeks flowing over my gutters) We are in a good place, at a good time, with the confidence that it will persist.  Now, who wants to be part of my team?