I Dislike Comic Sans.

So, I was doing some graphic design today. Which, by the way, I really wish I were better than mediocre at doing. Seriously. I really enjoy graphic design, but I get really frustrated because I’m mediocre. I want to be really good. Great, even. If for nothing else than to cut my time spent in Photoshop and Illustrator in half.

BTW: Matt Cooper – rAVe [Publications] Creative Director extraordinaire is excellent at graphic design. Great, even. I want to be Cooper good.

But I digress.

In doing some design work, I was searching for some fonts.

I kept coming across Comic Sans. And Chalkboard. (Which are basically the same fonts).

I strongly dislike those fonts.

I avoid the use of the word hate at all costs. But I, borderline, hate those fonts.

If you’re using Comic Sans or Chalkboard in your professional life and you are not A: an elementary school teacher, or B: a unicorn-obsessed aficionado, then cut it out.

Cut. It. Out.

Use Arial. Or Verdana. Or, heck, even Times New Roman. But stop using Comic Sans.

It’s so 1995 Geocities websites.