Hypervsn Will Attend ISE 2023 With Its Latest Holographic Solutions

hypervsn ise 2023

Hypervsn is bringing the very latest in interactive holographic solutions to showcase at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Featuring the all-new Hypervsn SmartV Digital Avatar and Hypervsn Full Body Live-Streaming, these products are set to completely revolutionise customer experiences in retail, education, events, and many other verticals.

Just recently, Michael Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Europe, was able join Talent Congress in Barcelona in 3D Hologram form while being 4000 miles away in Oman, thanks to Hypervsn Full Body Live-Streaming. Hypervsn is bringing a demo of this innovative solution to ISE 2023 to showcase how it is adding the much-needed ‘human touch’ and visual form to the traditional flat screen calls and live streams. This live streaming solution is based on Hypervsn SmartV products, with specially created image layers and visual effects to maximise the realism and impact on the audience, perfect for education and events.

Another solution to be showcased at the show is Hypervsn SmartV Digital Avatar. The Hypervsn SmartV Digital Avatar is a brand-new solution which allows 2-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar, bringing the Metaverse to the physical world. Based on Hypervsn Holographic Human solution, which runs on pre-recorded content, Digital Avatar takes it a step further by allowing real-time conversations with users, thanks to its interactive AI capabilities and the scalable ‘human touch’. This is a new go-to solution for banking, retail, and other human-dependent sectors where holographic assistants can take over the routine everyday questions, leaving time for its fellow human colleagues to sort out the more complicated queries.

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Interactivity is a new major factor for increasing brand awareness. With that in mind, Hypervsn will also showcase Hypervsn SmartV Product Configurator, which is already showing success in the automotive industry. This holographic solution lets the user change options of holographic 3D models in front of them using a touchpad, seeing changes in real-time and skyrocketing engagement. The retail-tainment that comes with this solution helps to draw customers’ attention and increase their time spent in-store, boosting brand awareness, and making brands stand out in crowded phygital spaces.

With another solution made specifically for retail, Hypervsn SmartV Window Display, the company aims to help with boosting brand awareness using interactive gesture-controlled 3D visuals. This holographic solution lets the user actively manipulate 3D models with their own hands, skyrocketing engagement. Showcasing these industry-specific solutions, Hypervsn technology is set to increase brand awareness exponentially and make brands stand out with impact and presence.