HYPERVSN Announces SmartV Platform For 2D and 3D Digital Signage Content

HYPERVSN SmartV 1HYPERVSN is launching a new generation platform called HYPERVSN SmartV. The HYPERVSN SmartV solutions feature advancements that include the ability to connect the HYPERVSN SmartV solutions via an onboard HDMI connection. This development allows the SmartV to connect with the wider EcoSystem of products involved in the ProAV and Digital Signage markets and that it can now be used to display both 2D and 3D content. HYPERVSN SmartV is currently available in a 3000-nit high bright model and a smaller, 900- to 1200-nit ultra-fine pixel pitch (0.65mm) medium-sized display model.


The HYPERVSN SmartV platform also opens up the possibility of interactive holographic content, such as the holographic human personal assistant. Other expected uses for the SmartV platform include holographic gaming, teleconferencing, control display and other digital signage usages. The platform is built on Android, which enables customers to develop custom widgets for their brand, meaning SmartV can be connected to Camera, Voice and Tablet controls. Other external triggers, such as motion sensors or Internet data sources, can be used to trigger the HYPERVSN SmartV display, providing the user with a completely interactive experience.

HYPERVSN HumanAnother key aspect of the HYPERVSN SmartV devices is enhanced power efficiency. HYPERVSN SmartV is a greener product when compared to most other LED-based displays. The company says now, fewer pixels create the same high-resolution imaging, with the new HYPERVSN SmartV M devices having a power consumption rate below 50 watts on average.

HYPERVSN is also releasing a range of accessories. These include Perspex protection options, alongside a range of wall mounts and mobile stands. The HYPERVSN SmartV Wall now comes standard with a frame, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

“We’ve spent the last three years completely redesigning the previous generation of HYPERVSN technology,” said Kiryl Chykeyuk, HYPERVSN co-founder. “We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options.”

HYPERVSN is currently taking orders for both the smaller and larger display options. Delivery is expected to take up to eight weeks.

See more on the HYPERVSN SmartV in the video below: