HYPERVSN and AVI-SPL Collaborate for InfoComm 2022

Hypervsn and AVISPL

London, UK – June 6, 2022 – HYPERVSN is installing their renowned HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Human solution at the AVI-SPL booth at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas, NV.

Famed for grabbing the attention of audiences instantly, Holographic Human will feature AVI-SPL’s Julian Phillips, Senior VP & Managing Director, XTG, as he welcomes visitors to the AVI-SPL booth. As one of the industry’s leading digital enablement solutions providers, HYPERVSN is excited to work with AVI-SPL on this project, combining their innovation with AVI-SPL’s industry expertise and reach.

“HYPERVSN has captured the imagination of two rapidly expanding audiences; firstly, those designing hybrid customer experiences where that immersive human experience is all too important, and secondly for those who have been fascinated by the opportunity for 3D visualization but hindered by the practicality of glasses or goggles,” said Julian Phillips, senior vice president and managing director, XTG.

“Now, companies can virtually personify their brand and enable their customers to see it through their own eyes, building a stronger, more memorable connection. XTG is excited by the possibilities this brings for enterprises, educators, entertainers and retailers.”

The HYPERVSN team is happy and proud to be working alongside AVI-SPL at InfoComm this year. A respected and globally recognised brand, they are keen innovators and continually push the digital solutions industry to bigger and better heights. May this be but the first project of many that we collaborate together on!” – Kiryl Chykeyuk, Founder at HYPERVSN.

Explore the Holographic Human at AVI SPL’s booth (W1937), before coming over to the HYPERVSN booth (N3053to explore more of their brand new HYPERVSN SmartV solutions. Book a dedicated demo with the HYPERVSN team right here.

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About HYPERVSN: HYPERVSN is the award-winning British company responsible for developing the disruptive Integrated 3D Holographic Display Platform that provides an immersive experience for viewers.

Since its official release in 2017, HYPERVSN has been named among 10 best technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today & Inc Magazine. Backed by Mark Cuban and Richard Branson, it has been used by over 25% of Fortune 500 companies in 90+ countries. 

The proprietary HYPERVSN hardware works in conjunction with the Software Suite to provide customers with an integrated business solution. HYPERVSN holographic solutions are perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic display billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events, corporate receptions areas and 3D point of sale displays. Learn more at