Hypersign, Crestron and Planar Partner for The Arena: a Pre-Packaged Virtual Live Events & HyFlex Delivery System

the arena

The new “Arena” from Hypersign, a collaboration with Planar and Crestron, is a product that nearly every higher-education facility is literally looking for to install this summer for what’s well-documented as HyFlex teaching. And it has a lot of potential in delivering virtual live events, as well.

Hypersign has provided a tool that gives individuals the power to broadcast live presentations to their audiences in a professional and innovative way. Existing videoconferencing and broadcast solutions pose limitations for how many viewers the presenter can see at one time, or they don’t allow the presenter to see their audience at all. These video presentations can also become riddled with distractions that can detract from the speaker’s message.

Hypersign Arena

Hypersign’s solution, The Arena, intersects between videoconferencing and broadcast studios. The Arena consists of a series of display towers (aka a tower of Planar monitors), each affixed with its own broadcast camera and commercial sound bar. Presenters are able to see their entire audience and slide deck on the displays in front of them. Meanwhile, individuals in the audience are solely focused on the presentation and presenter. Audience members are able to select where in The Arena they want to “sit” and will see the presenter from that tower’s camera angle. To ask the presenter questions, they simply click to digitally raise their hand and then hold the space bar in order to speak. The solution also features Hypersign+’s latest extension, Huddleup, behind the presenter. Huddleup provides an interactive display that brings a ton of tools to enhance the virtual presentation. This is awesome and will do well — and the timing of the release is well planned!

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The Arena is here: www.hypersign.com/markets-arena.