Humly Intros Software Solutions to North American Audiences at InfoComm 2023

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Humly just introduced its Humly Software Solutions to North American audiences at InfoComm in addition to two hardware solutions, all aimed at digital signage and UCC applications. The Humly Software Solutions suite includes four offerings: Humly Floor Plan, Humly Reservations, Humly Visitor and Humly Wayfinding, deployable separately or in any combination throughout an office building, corporate campus, or multi-site enterprise business. All are compatible with Humly’s two hardware solutions: the new Humly Booking Device, a slim, small-form-factor device with flexible mounting options and a capacitive touch screen to reserve bookable spaces on campus; and the six-time award-winning Humly Room Display, a tablet-sized booking solution with an interactive display for mounting outside meeting rooms. The seamless interoperability of all Humly Workplace Solutions eliminates integration chaos and security concerns, while a flexible API ensures freedom and interoperability with a customer’s broader technology ecosystem, including third-party calendaring systems and conferencing software solutions.

HumlyFloorPlan Overview Screen

Humly Visitor and Humly Floor Plan are the most recent introductions to Humly’s Workplace Software Suite. Humly Visitor is an innovative “check-in to check-out” solution that tracks the visitor’s journey for security and optimization while reducing frustration for visitors as they navigate unfamiliar territory. Visitors can check in, approve terms and conditions, and automatically register parking spaces, while hosts are alerted of arrivals to greet guests with friendly messages and trigger visitor badges.

Humly Floor Plan addresses the challenge of booking workspaces in hybrid business environments with flexible, dynamic worker schedules. The product provides a comprehensive 3D overview of meeting room, desk, and parking space availability on each floor, building, and garage. Workers can check availability for new bookings en route to the office, and remotely manage existing bookings to reduce frustration on arrival. Inside the office, Humly Floor Plan’s 3D visualization tool provides a view of available (green) and unavailable (red) spaces on passive displays, and can be used to book spaces on a touchscreen kiosk when deployed in interactive mode.

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Humly Wayfinding and Humly Reservations exist to guide workers to available meeting rooms, and book meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces and more on a touchscreen. Humly Wayfinding is ideal when deployed on larger displays and kiosks, with a detailed list of meetings, times, and destinations similar to airport arrival/departure screens that are absorbable on quick glance. Humly Reservations provides users with an overview of their personal bookings, with the ability to make adjust schedules, add guest users, and initiate bookings directly from Microsoft Teams.