Huddly Director Now Available for Small, Medium and Large Rooms


Huddly Director, the same AI used in the Huddly Crew AI-directed multi-camera system, is now available for small, medium and large rooms on Huddly S1 and the Huddly L1.

Huddly says the Huddly Director delivers professionally produced video meetings, prioritizing engagement and effective communication. It switches between speakers, listener reactions and room views, creating an immersive, face-to-face-like experience.

Here’s a video showing it in action:

Huddly says TV and movie production techniques are so effective for creating engaging video meetings because they are rooted in how people communicate and connect.

Think about how film directors use a range of camera shots — wide angles to establish the setting and close-ups to foster connections with characters. Similarly, in talk shows, directors cut between cameras to capture not only the speaker but also audience reactions.

Huddly says the Huddly Director follows a similar approach by capturing both the speakers’ and listeners’ reactions, mirroring our innate tendency to scan the room during in-person meetings and gather valuable non-verbal cues. This helps us understand discussion dynamics, ensures that every contribution is considered, not just the most vocal ones, and improves our communication and decision-making.

Designed for inclusivity and equity, Huddly Director bridges gaps and enhances hybrid team collaboration. Read all about it here: