HTSA Adds Crestron

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) announced today that it has partnered with Crestron Electronics (Crestron). HTSA is an integration industry supplier of home automation and control solutions and, Crestron, as you know, makes control and AV switching systems.

For HTSA members, the partnership with Crestron brings an expanded set of options for their systems design and installation thanks to its wide assortment of solutions in categories such as AV, lighting, shading, security and HVAC.

For Crestron, HTSA brings a national network of residential system integration professionals focused on designing, specifying, and installing high-end distributed audio/video, home automation, and lighting solutions. HTSA members typically are providers of technology solutions in their local markets. HTSA members enjoy a remarkable record of longevity of success through the many changing waves of technology, always making new technology easy to use and appreciate for their clients.

Crestron is here and HTSA is here.