How to Get Your Annual rAVe T-shirt If You’re Not Going to InfoComm!

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TL;DR? It’s simple — visit our rePLAY 2021 page and register! We’ll send you a free T-shirt just for doing so. Read on!

For the last 11 years, we’ve given away over 100,000 T-shirts at InfoComm shows. Most of the coveted freebies have been given away via our gamification campaign of the show. This was started through a partnership between AVIXA (then called InfoComm) and rAVe over a handshake between our founder, Gary Kayye, and then InfoComm VP of exhibitions, Jason McGraw. Our goal was threefold:

1. Gamify the show and make it fun.
2. Strategically and creatively manipulate the movement of people around the show floor. For example, remember when the “Park” was in the back of the hall and no one went there? Well, Jason asked to add THE GAME to that section of the show and, from that point on, it was packed.
3. Help build the InfoComm brand beyond the show.

We were happy to help and have loved generating excitement in and around the show over the years. And, although the only place we’ll be playing THE GAME happens to be at the only “party” during InfoComm (the Almo Pro A/V party at SeaWorld), we will have over 2,500 T-shirts scattered all over the place. Anyone headed to Orlando will easily find them!

If you’re an InfoComm regular and you’ll be missing your chance to attend this year’s event, there’s still a quick and easy way to get a free rAVe InfoComm 2021 T-shirt! Even better, we’ll mail it directly to your home! How?

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It’s simple, just head over to THE rAVe Agency’s rePLAY 2021 microsite and register for the three-day event the week following InfoComm. We’ll be delivering curated coverage of everything you might have missed at InfoComm 2021, as well as everything being launched outside the Orlando Convention Center by companies unable or restricted from exhibiting. These include Sony, Legrand, Extron, Epson, SDVoE and dozens of other companies who’ve been busy launching new products this fall.

So, if you are missing InfoComm this year and wish you could get one of our free shirts, visit here.