How To Apologize

You’re probably aware that business coaches are a whole thing now. Whatever skills or aptitudes you’re looking to sharpen, you can find and hire a coach who will help you learn what you need to know to improve on whatever it is you feel you need to improve on.

There are any number of things that business coaches specialize in. Sales training is probably the most common, but there are others, and span a range from online marketing to organizational skills.

Well, I’m going to teach all of you a valuable business skill that will come in handy for everyone sooner or later.

And best of all, as a one-time special, I’m going to teach it to you for free.

Today’s lesson is: How to Apologize.

Apologies are a lot like sales follow-up: they’re a skill more noticed in the breach than in the observance. Just like many salespeople don’t follow up on a lead as diligently as they should, people don’t know how to apologize in a way that’s meaningful.

Step One: Just do it. Say you’re sorry. That’s it. You can modify it with an adjective. You can be “really sorry,” terribly sorry,” or “so very sorry.” But keep it simple. Which brings me to the next step.

Step Two: Stop talking. Just. Stop. Please don’t keep running at the mouth, either justifying or rationalizing what went wrong. Trust me, that’s not helping. When in doubt, shut up.

Step Three: Offer assistance. “What can I do to help?” And if your offer of help is accepted, do so earnestly.

That’s it. It’s simple. If you’re able to follow these simple steps, you’re equipped with tools that solve more problems than they create. Good luck!